The Story

Straight from the workshop in the heart of freetown Christiania, The Essence
offers a contemporary and sporty look with an attitude.
Made for the cool and fabulous ladies of the world.
The Essence was etablished in 2004 by designer and native christianite Solvej Welding.
Initially creating custom streetwear for exclusive private customers.

“I was raised non-traditionally and grew up among an electric mix of unconventional people and innovative ideas.
I believe this has fueled my passion for creating and my commitment to follow where my imagination leads”.

Since then The Essence has developed into a workshop and boutique located in lively Christiania,
welcoming customers from all over the world.
The style is inspired by 70´s sportswear, 90´s RnB and hiphop culture.
With elegant details, prints and materials with a twist – and a fit that´s comfortable.

“We want to make an impact and introduce a fresh take on quality feminine streetwear with an attitude.
Our identity springs from our subcultural roots”.

Solvej Welding